2017  Margo Warden, Director of First-Year Experience, Johnson State College

2016  Cynthia Gerstl-Pepin, Associate Dean of the College of Education and Social Services, University of Vermont

2015  Tiffany Keune, Director of Workforce Education, Community College of Vermont

2014  Dr. Beth Mintz, Professor of Sociology, University of Vermont

2013  Pamela Chisholm, Associate Dean of  Enrollment Svc, CCV

2012  Lori Stevens, Professor of Biology, University of Vermont

2011  Dr. Donna M. Rizzo, Associate Professor of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and the Department of Computer Science, University of Vermont

2010  Penny Bishop, Professor of Education, University of Vermont

2009  Alison Brody, Professor of Biology, University of Vermont

2008   Cathy Frey, Dean of the School of Mathematics and Sciences, Norwich University

2007   Nancy Cathcart, Director of Civic Engagement and Service Learning, Champlain College

2006   Dr. Judith Van Houten, George H. Perkins Professor of Biology, University of Vermont

2005   Dr. Karen Richardson-Nassif, Director of Predoctoral Programs, Research and Assessment, UVM College of Medicine

2004   Karrin Wilks, Vice President for Academic & Strategic Planning, Vermont State Colleges

2003   Dr. Dawn Carleton, Acting Chair of General Education, Vermont Technical College

2002   Susan Henry, Dean of Enrollment and Advancement, Community College of Vermont

2001   Patricia Menchini, Director of Nursing Programs, Vermont Technical College

2000   Penny Howrigan, Associate Dean of Enrollment Services, Johnson State College

1999   Jill Tarule, Dean of Education, University of Vermont

1998   Dolly Shaw, Director of Career Services, Champlain College

1997   Dr. Judith A. Cohen, Associate Professor, School of Nursing, University of Vermont

1997   Dr. Carey Kaplan, Professor of English, Saint Michael's College

1996   Joyce Judy, Dean of Academic Services for Student Support, Community College of VT

1995   Debra Murphy, Director of MSA Programs - PREVAL School, Saint Michael's College

1994   Barbara Murphy, Acting President, Community College of Vermont

1993   Sheryl Hruska, Associate Academic Dean, Lyndon State College

1992   Mary Kay Kennedy, Dean of Students, Champlain College

1991   Susan R. Jones, Dean of Students, Trinity College

1990   Sarabelle Hitchner, Vice President for College Relations, Sterling College

1989   Patricia Armstrong, Director of Sponsored Programs, University of Vermont

1988   Anne M. Woolfson, Dean, Center for International Programs, Saint Michael's College

1987   Alice Whiting, Department Chair, Johnson State College

1986   Nancy Chard, Academic Dean, Community College of Vermont

1985   Pat Connelly, Dean of Students, Trinity College

1984   Peggy Williams, Director of Education & Personnel Services, Vermont State Colleges

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